Why Choose Solar Lights

A solar street lighting system basically consists of a solar photovoltaic (PV) panel which converts the light energy from the sun to electrical energy, a charge controller which takes care of charging and safety of the batteries and also providing power to the load at required voltage and current ratings, a battery which would be used to store the electrical power during the day and provide it to the load during the night as and when required, and finally the lighting load itself. Here for lighting loads LED lights were used for improving the energy efficiency in the solar street lighting system. LED lights are energy efficient and consumes very less power.

LED Solar Lights

Our Applications

Our solar lighting systems cater for a variety of lighting applications such as Bike & Walking Trails & running circuits.

Private and public roads
Private and public roads
Smart Test LED Lights
Public roads

Best Range Of Semi Integrated Solar Street Light

Providing you the best range of semi integrated solar street light 12w, all in one solar street light 30w, solar led street light 18w, integrated solar street light 20w, semi integrated solar street lights 15w and integrated solar street light 30w with effective & timely delivery.

Suitable for City road lighting, Shopping centers perimeter lighting, City lighting renovation, Urban landscaping.

Public Areas